Sharepoint – Maintain User Access

A big project has its own SharePoint site to enhance communication between stakeholders. The PMO of the project maintains it. SharePoint is a great tool; However, the maintenance of the user access is very difficult if you have more than 50 users/stakeholders.

This is the reason I have created the following tool to maintain the users on a SharePoint site. It really saves time and gives a much better oversight than the Web Interface. The file itself contains help.

Download: SharepointMaintainGroupTool

E-Signature for MS-office

Written commitment is a key factor to ensure the success of a project. A commitment is an agreement and should be signed by involved stakeholders. However, It only works if the process is fast and lean. This is the reason I have developed the E-Signature for Office document.

Download Link
Excel: Workpackage Approval Form.xlsm

The form can be modified to become ‘risk assessment’, ‘scope change proposal’ or any other project interface document.

Patrick Sawyer